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Private Label Service

Private Label Service for Lipstick:


Product type for choosing:

1. Lipstick: Moisture Lipstick, Matte Lipstick, Glitter Lipstick, Crystal Color Changing Lipstick, Double color lipstick.

2. Lipgloss: Moisture Lipstick, Matte Lipstick, Glitter Lipstick

We can adjust the lasting ability, the moisture degree, and can make custom color as requirements.

Private Label Service for Gel Polish:

The process of starting you own gel polish line is quire simple. By simple 4 steps, you can get your won brand line.
The first step is to pick your option.
​​OPTION #1:
We supply all of our gel polish products in bulk, package in 1 kilogram. MOQ is 1 kilogram/color, you can buy and refill your product with whatever package as you like.
We also can supply gel polish bottles and jars seperately, MOQ is 5000pcs.

We offer start-up companies the opportunity to start small. The minimum quantity for this option is 500 bottles. You may choose as many colors as you would like as long as you select colors in multiples of 6 from our huge existing color base. For instance, for 500 bottles, you may order up to 83 colors with 6 bottles per color.
You may not have so much choice for bottle and caps, and because of the small quantities, we are unable to imprint directly onto the bottle, instead we affix labels. These labels can be transparent of any other color as you like. You will have the option to choose the color of your lettering: black, white, silver, or gold. The minimum label order is 1000 labels.
The bottles will include a bottom label with the color name and number (as listed on our color chart). If you prefer to name your own colors, you may do so at no additional charge. If you prefer to make the bottom label conform with polish color, you may need to pay extra charge.
This option is for those who would like to order a different bottle or are interested in a larger quantity. The minimum quantity for this option is 5000 bottles. You may choose as many colors as you would like as long as you select colors in multiples of 12. For instance, for 5000 bottles, you may order up to 415 colors with 12 bottles per color.
You may choose the bottle and cap option of your choice. Once you select the bottle and cap of interest, we will be able to provide you with a quote.
Unlike Option #1, your logo is imprinted directly onto the bottles instead of affixing a label.
If you are interested in custom nail colors, we are able to provide this. The minimum is 1 kilo per color. The process is simple:
Provide us with a fabric swatch, a nail polish color , a Paintone color number or even a picture you would like to duplicate,.
We ask the lab to make a sample according to your specifications. This will take 1 week.
If you approve the sample sent by the lab, we will then get you a price per kilogram.
If you want to change the thickness, or make gel into no-wipe, we can also do fo you, but the MOQ would be 200kg.
We can also provide custom-designed bottles. You would have to pay for mold charge.


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