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Beautilux Gel Polish 10ml Opal Galaxy Color #OP01~OP12

Product Description:

Product Name: Beautilux Gel Polish  Opal Galaxy Color
Product Type: 3 step nail gel polish
Content: 10ml Certificate: SGS/MSDS
1. Good consistency, good levelling ability,smooth brushing.
2. High percentage of pigments, one layer to get ideal color
3. Non-chipping, long lasting for above 4 weeks, easy remove.
How to apply:
1. Prep nails, apply Beautilux Primer, no need cure
2. Apply Beautilux rubber base, cure for 30s
3. Apply Beautilux gel color for a thin layer, cure for 60s
4. Apply another layer of Nail gel polish color, and cure for 60s
5. Apply Beautilux No Wipe Top coat, cure for 60s.
How to remove: Buff off the top coat, use cotton with acetone, wrap with foil for 10 minutes. Or use removal gel for 2 minutes.



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